A Spa-Like Space for You

What comes to mind when you think about the bathroom space in your home? Is it a room you’d rather just block out from your thoughts or is it a personal haven where you can recharge and rejuvenate daily in tranquil luxury? If you’d rather not think about your bathroom then it’s time to change your mindset! It’s the room where you begin your morning and end your day before sleep. Your bathroom should be a relaxing and functional oasis that sets the tone for your whole day. If you think this could never describe your bathroom, consider a few simple upgrades to create a luxurious and beautiful new space you will love.


Visualizing Your New Bathroom Space

When you begin to plan and design your new bathroom, carefully consider your priorities. What are the things you use every day? These things should take precedence in your plan. Think about your lifestyle. Do you prefer a shower or a tub? Do you need a single sink or a double sink? Do you need lots of storage or more open space? Take a realistic look at how you will be using your bathroom space as you create your plan.


Also consider your personal style. Do you like modern, natural, or a more formal aesthetic? Incorporate your own style into your bathroom. It is the most personal room in the house and should be a space where you feel completely at ease. Think about the types of materials you want to use in your new bathroom: metal, wood, ceramic, or glass; there are so many options! Choose what makes you happy and comfortable.


Popular Bathroom Remodel Ideas

Start to think of your bathroom as a spa with the soothing spa features you enjoy. Natural light is a popular remodeling feature that allows you to enhance the overall look and feel of a bathroom. Adding larger windows and skylights will open the space and create a light and airy feel. Heated floors are also a very sought-after feature. No more cold ceramic tile under your feet in the morning. Instead the ambient warmth of heated flooring will help you relax and start your day in comfort.


A new shower or new tub is another popular bathroom remodel feature and the possibilities are endless. A frameless glass shower is a luxurious option and any shower can be enhanced with new glass mosaic tile or a new custom dual shower head with multiple settings. You could even consider a shower/steam combination. If a tub is more your style then a new elegant pedestal tub will completely rejuvenate your bathroom. And the whirlpool jets and deep soaking tub will rejuvenate you as well.


The vanity is another signature feature of the bathroom space that can change the entire look of the bathroom. Do you prefer a freestanding vanity cabinet, a vanity mounted on legs, or something substantial and planted in the floor? What about a double sink, vessel sink, or semi-recessed sink? Or perhaps a stainless steel sink that wears well and cleans easily? Updating your vanity will change the entire ambiance of the space for the better.


Add Glamour to Your Bathroom Space

There are many ways to add a touch of glamour and luxury to your bathroom space. Try covering walls with tile or adding an accent wall. You might also want to incorporate mirror, metallic or subway tiles for contrast. Changing the fixtures is also a quick way to add glamour and elegance. Choose bronze, pewter, stainless steel and more.


When you start visualizing the luxurious and rejuvenating space you want your bathroom to be, the ideas will start flowing. The bottom line when it comes to bathroom spaces is to make it personal and make it yours.

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