Outdoor Entertaining Area – A Perfect Space to Relax

There is nothing like entertaining family and friends in a beautiful and functional outdoor space in your own backyard. And it’s easier than you think to create this type of backyard oasis that you can enjoy year after year. Most homeowners don’t realize how underutilized their backyard space really is until they design and build a usable and functional entertaining area for friends and family. An outdoor entertaining space will greatly expand your ability to entertain and host get-togethers and family events. The new space will enhance your home lifestyle, and add space to enjoy the outdoors. It will become the place to be!


Outdoor Entertaining and Amenities

A patio or a backyard deck attached to the house with intimate seating is actually just like an outdoor great room.  This beautiful and functional space is the perfect place to enjoy nature and just relax and socialize. You can design your space with a roof or trellis over the patio or deck and really add to the relaxing ambience with recessed lighting. Amenities like a TV and speaker system, heaters, fans, and a misting system can make your outdoor experience absolutely magical. You will never want to entertain indoors again.


And even when the weather occasionally turns chilly, a beautiful fireplace lets you and your guests enjoy the gorgeous nighttime sky almost year-round. A firepit is another favorite option among many homeowners. Sitting around a firepit and roasting marshmallows or hotdogs under the stars makes every get-together memorable.


Many homeowners also add a dining area with a table, chairs and serving station to offer all the amenities of fine dining to their guests. Festive linens, tableware and decorations that reflect your own personal style add to the warm and inviting ambience of your outdoor entertaining space. Plants and other organic elements, even a water feature can make your guests feel like they are in another world of relaxation and luxury. They will never want to leave!


Nothing Better Than an Outdoor Kitchen

Cooking for friends and family in your own outdoor living space is as good as it gets. It’s not hard to imagine yourself entertaining with style in your own backyard kitchen. And entertainment factor aside, an outdoor kitchen is a sure way to boost the value of your home. You can have a wonderful outdoor experience with your guest and know that the value of your property continues to grow.


Some features and amenities in your new outdoor entertaining space you will want to consider would include a grill, sink, bar, refrigerator, comfortable seating area around an island so friends and family can socialize with each other as you cook.  A cooktop and a built-in cooler will give you everything you need to prepare and serve wonderful and memorable meals. Some homeowners really enjoy having their own pizza oven too so they can enjoy making and cooking pizzas with their guests.


If you like the sound of these ideas, and think that better outdoor living might be just right for your friends and loved ones, talk with your designer and see what options would make the perfect space for you.

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