Make Your House Feel like Home Again with an Addition

Are you feeling squeezed and constricted in your current home? Are family members always in each others’ way and is the lack of space causing chaos? Are you feeling that that it might just be time to move? Many homeowners in this situation forget there is another intriguing option—a way to get the space your family needs, stay in the neighborhood you love and increase the value of your property at the same time. It might be time to consider building an addition to your existing home. Adding to your current home can give you the extra space and usability you need for your children, aging parents and yourself while you stay in the home you love.


Endless Possibilities

Once you decide to expand, you can work with your designer to decide what type of addition makes sense. Together you can assess the needs of your family and your situation to arrive at the best possible solution to make your house into the home that’s perfect for you.


You could decide to expand with a new kitchen or bedrooms or perhaps adding an extra bathroom. As you determine the needs of your family, the type of addition that will be right for you will become clearer. One popular option is to add an open-concept “great room” which incorporates a new kitchen, dining room and a family room all together in one welcoming space. An inviting space like this can actually change your family dynamic and give you a place to interact in comfort and ease.


How about considering a game room or a media room? Another great option is a “man cave” or a craft and hobby room. And what about a climate-controlled sun room for you to enjoy the sun in comfort, or a solarium for all your plants. The kids would probably love a new playroom to keep all their toys organized and you would have the rest of the house clutter free. A new gourmet kitchen would be some homeowners’ dream. For some, a fireplace, a mud room, and a half bath are exactly what’s needed. Whatever your choice, it will definitely make your life better and more enjoyable.


Increase Your Property’s Value with an Addition

Creating new spaces and new possibilities are great reasons to consider building an addition to your existing home. But let’s not forget there is a big financial incentive to add to your home.


Expanding your home with an addition could be a great financial choice for you and your family, too. Improving your house will definitely add value to your home. It will also help you avoid all the added expenses that are involved in selling your home and buying another. And there’s not just expense involved in selling and buying another home, there’s a lot of time and effort too.


An addition may be the perfect way to blend the old with the new. A well-designed addition will blend seamlessly with the rest of the house and look like it’s always been a part of your home. It’s a great option for many homeowners to consider.

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