Garage Conversions Expand Your Possibilities

The average garage space is 400 square feet. Have you ever considered what you could do with that space instead of what you’re currently doing with it? How much room and functionality could you add to your current living space if you took advantage of the garage you might not be utilizing to its full potential?  If you’re beginning to feel that your family has outgrown your current house, imagine how adding that extra space and square footage could make your home feel comfortable again. You may not know it, but you already have a head start to a more spacious home for you and your family. Your current garage has open space, a slab and electricity. All you need now is a plan!


Garage Conversion and Endless Possibilities

When you start to think about what you could use the extra space in your garage for, the possibilities become endless. And everyone in the family will have their own wish list! With careful thought and planning you can create a fabulous space that will benefit everyone in the family as well as increasing your property value. Yes, that’s right, improving and converting your garage could definitely raise the value of your property.

So, what are some of the most popular conversion projects for garages? Extra bedrooms, bathrooms or mother-in-law apartments are a functional idea that many homeowners choose. A family room or game room is also a popular choice when a family needs more room for get-togethers and parties. The man cave or the craft room renovation are also possibilities. With creative planning there can even be room for both!


Other great ideas include a “great room” with a kitchen, a home theater, gym and workout area, enormous playroom, art studio, dance or aerobics studio, home office, hobby room, or a storage room including wine cellar and more. Think about what type of space would benefit you and your family and then get creative! Make your home feel like it’s brand new with exciting possibilities!


Extra Income When You Convert Your Garage

A converted garage will add value to your home, but when it’s used as a rental unit it can add even more value and income. This is a popular choice for homeowners all over the country especially with the increasing popularity of Air B&Bs. Who wouldn’t want to lose their cluttered unusable garage space and replace it with a stylish living space that generates income each month? And at an average of 400 square feet, your garage could easily be converted into a studio apartment with a loft or a one-to-two bedroom apartment. Tiny spaces are increasing in popularity and there is demand for this type of living situation.


You, too, could join homeowners all over the country and get creative! Lose that cluttered and unusable garage space and start generating income or increasing the living space in your home by converting your garage into something extraordinary.

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